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The Ultimate Widescreen DVD Movie Guide 2001 (Digital Download)

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The Ultimate Widescreen DVD Movie Guide 2001 (Digital Download)

It's here, in digital form! Your guide to widescreen DVDs, with 1735 movies reviewed and featuring:

Opening Credits

Reference Systems

By Gary Reber

The World Of DVD
DVD Demand And Growth
By Tom Edwards

DVD-ROM Movie Goodies
By Danny Richelieu

Exploring DVD Supplementals
By Michael Coate

Frequently Asked Questions
By Jim Taylor

Feature Articles
Widescreen Basics - Or Why Those Annoying Black Bars Are Good For You
By Michael Coate
Video Essentials And AVIA
By Greg Rogers

Presented In 70 mm
By Michael Coate and William Kallay

Special Supplement
DVD Player Buyer's Guide
Comprehensive reviews Of 19 DVD-Video Players And Specifications Of Models From 34 Manufacturers
Reviews By Shane Buettner, Richard Hardesty and Gary Merson
Specifications Compiled By Nate Fowler and Neil Heinrich

Web Site Feedback
DVD Wish List
Readers' 50 Most Requested DVD Movie Titles

The Best Of...
American Film Institute's Top 100 Films

WSR's Best DVDs

Listing of Dolby Surround EX, DTS Digital Surround, And THX-Certified DVDs
Compiled By Michael Coate

Compiled By Marlene Reber and Michael Coate

DVD Reviews
Inside DVD Reviews
By Suzanne Hodges, Perry Sun, Laurie Sevano, Michael Coate and Danny Richelieu

DVD Reviews
1735 Titles Reviewed
By Gary Reber, Suzanne Hodges, Laurie Sevano, Perry Sun And Michael Coate/Compiled By Suzanne Hodges and Sheila Quinn

Skeletons In The Closet
Additional Widescreen titles
Film Review Staff