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Imaging Science Theatre 2000 (Digital Download)

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IST 2000

Originally issued in the year 2000, Imaging Science Theatre 2000 is now available as a downloadable DRM-free 5-Megabyte PDF. When you purchase this item, you will be able to go to the "My Account" button near the top bar, and click on "Downloads" to see your list of available PDFs for download.

Introduction By Joel Silver
Video Essentials
Expectations Part 1
Front Panel Controls Part 2
The Viewing Environment Part 3
The Color System Part 4
Picture Resolution And Aspect RatiosPart 5
Line Doublers Part 6
Projects Under The Hood Part 7
Choosing The Right Projector Part 8
Light Valve Projection Technology Part 9
Screens For Video Projection Part 10

Imaging Science Advocate
An Interview With Joe Kane By Gary Reber

The High Voltage Power Supply By Greg Rogers

A Guide To Comb Filters: Y/C Seperation
By Greg Rogers

Video Signal Formats
By Greg Rogers

TV Monitor Environment Lighting
By Bill Cruce

Where Is The Perfect Display
By Bill Laumeister

An Interview With Sam Runco: Practitioner Of Imaging Science By Gary Reber

An Interview With Yves Faroudja: The Image Quality Leader By Gary Reber


Preface By Gary Reber

An Interview With Joe Kane By Gary Reber

Introduction By M.K. Milliken, Jr.
Aspect Ratio
Front And Rear Projection
Screen Surfaces
Other Screen Surfaces
Projection Geometry
Units Of Measure
Optical Train
Screen Gain
Some Reflections
You And Eye
Hue And Eye
Seeing The Light
Getting The Picture
Medium And Message
Contrast From Dark To Light
Diffussion Screens
Some Summary Judgements
Projecting The Future
Monitoring The Future
The Light Valve
Digital Micromirror Devices
Screening The Future
Display Screens

Video Cable Survey
By Michael Wood

Acoustic Considerations: For Front Screen Projection Systems By Alex Gilevich

What Is Custom Installation Home Theatre: An Overview

The Third Generation Display Projector
By Joe Zeller

SMPTE 166 -Critical Viewing Conditions For Evaluation Of Color Television


SMPTE 167 -Alignment Of NTSC Color Picture Monitors


Joe Kane Biography


ISF Dealer Listing


Custom Installer’s Directory

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