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Widescreen Review Issue 229 - A Quiet Place (July 2018)

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Widescreen Review Issue 229 - A Quiet Place (July 2018)

Issue 225 Features:
Editor’s Couch
• CEDIA Award-Winning Custom Home Theatre; Sony Crystal LED Modular Display;  HDR10+ Licensing, Logo Certification Program Begins; OPPO 4K Blu-ray Disc Players Get Sony TV Dolby Vision Update; Music And Audio by Gary Reber

Custom Home Theatre Design
• 2018 CEDIA Award Finalists by Simon Spears
• Playhouse Theater On The Lake DC Home Systems, Chris Kangis and Dave Tkachuk by Simon Spears

Equipment Reviews
• Amazon Fire TV Gen 3 by Doug Blackburn

Your Home Theatre
• NAS Network Attached Storage What Is It? Why Use It? by Doug Blackburn
• 2018 QLED Advanced Display Summit by Joe Kane
• Acoustic Design Considerations Part I by Norman Varney
• Tech Tip Dual-Purpose (Two-Way) Projection by Dave Rodgers

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