Widescreen Review Issue 228 - Black Panther (June 2018)

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Widescreen Review Issue 228 - Black Panther (June 2018)

Issue 225 Features:
Editor’s Couch
• CEDIA Award-Winning Custom Home Theatre; Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD vs Digital Streaming & Downloads; Jerry Lewis New 10-Film Collection by Gary Reber

Custom Home Theatre Design
• Total Immersion Liquid Automation Stephan Goodhue by Simon Spears

Equipment Reviews
• Sony VPL-VW885ES UHD/4K Projector With Laser-Phosphor Light Source by Doug Blackburn

On Screen
• Lenny Kleyman Director of Engineering, North America Display Office of Samsung by Joe Kane

Your Home Theatre
• Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen by Gary Reber
• What Is HDR? by Joe Kane
• Specifications Meaningful And Meaningless by Joe Kane
• What is a Wireless 12-Volt Trigger and Why is it Valuable? by Dave Rodgers
• Projection Tip How To Get A 100-Inch Screen That Performs Like A Flat Panel Display, With Limited Space And Little Projector Throw Distance by Dave Rodgers

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