Widescreen Review Issue 226 - The Shape Of Water (April 2018)

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Widescreen Review Issue 226 - The Shape Of Water (April 2018)

Issue 225 Features:
Editor’s Couch
• CEDIA Award-Winning Custom Home Theatre; Movies Anywhere Digital Copy Service; CEDIA Unveils Three-Year Strategy, UK Market Research And CEDIA Talk On The Future Of Video; OPPO Digital To Suspend Operations by Gary Reber

Custom Home Theatre Design
• A Deep Look Into The “Desert Sanctuary” Sam Cavitt, President Paradise Theater by Simon Spears

Equipment Reviews
• AudioControl Maestro M5 7.1.4-Channel Surround Sound Processor by Doug Blackburn
• Audio Excellence 7.2 Home Theatre Sound System Part I by Doug Blackburn

Industry View
• Trends In The Industry by Joe Kane

Your Home Theatre
• Psychoacoustics by Norman Varney

Making Movies
• The Shape Of Your Canvas by Jay Holben

One Installer's Opinion
• Tuning Up The Hot Rod, An HDR Alert And A Value Reminder by Terry Paullin

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