Widescreen Review Issue 222 - Dunkirk (December 2017)

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Widescreen Review Issue 222 - Dunkirk (December 2017)

Issue 221 Features:
Editor’s Couch
• HDMI® Version 2.1 Announced; Magnepan Debuts New Flagship 30.7 Ribbon/Quasi-Ribbon Loudspeaker; Immersive Audio Technologies Group Purchases StormAudio/ Home Entertainment And Luxury Audio Product Division From Auro Technologies by Gary Reber

New Equipment
• CEDIA 2017 The Ultimate Report Part II—Audio by Gary Reber

Equipment Reviews
• SAE 2HP-D And 8300 Stereo Amplifier And Eight-Channel Amplifier by Doug Blackburn
• StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 Integrated Immersive Sound Receiver by Mike Marks

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