Widescreen Review Issue 176 - Life Of Pi (April/May 2013)

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Widescreen Review Issue 176 - Life Of Pi (April/May 2013)

Editor's Couch
- Screen Innovations Releases A Series Of Educational Videos Discussing Current Projection Video Trends, Technologies, And applications From SI, Sony, JVC, Digital Projection, And Epson; Sony Electronics Issues Bravia 4K Ultra HD Set Pricing By Gary Reber

New Equipment
- Coming Soon…To A Retailer Near You By Tricia Spears

Equipment Reviews
- Magnepan’s Magneplanar 20.7/3.7/1.7/DWM/CCR/MMC 2 - WSR’s New Reference System By Gary Reber
- NAD M15 HD2 Surround Processor By Doug Blackburn
- Yamaha BD-A1020 3D Blu-ray Universal Disc Player With Network Media Support By Doug Blackburn

Science Of Imaging
- Blur, Flicker, and Ghosting By Joe Kane

Making Movies
- The View From The Top: Higher Frame Rates - From 24 to 48, 60, 72, ... And Even 120! By Jeremy R. Kipnis

On Screen
- Noel Lee Speaks From The Heart By Gary Reber