Widescreen Review Issue 159 - Jurassic Park (September 2011)

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Widescreen Review Issue 159 - Jurassic Park (September 2011)

Editor’s Couch
Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, And XpanD 3D Join Forces In “Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative”; Don Stewart Named 2011 CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Coming Soon…To A Retailer Near You
By Tricia Spears

Look Who’s At CEDIA: AudioControl, BenQ, Digital Projection, Mitsubishi Electronics, Paradigm, Sharp Electronics, Stewart Filmscreen, Wolf Cinema
Compiled By Tricia Spears

Product Spotlight: Sinclair Audio

Elite Screens Lunette
Curved Projection Screen
By Doug Blackburn

Anthem MRX-700
7-Channel A/V Receiver
By Doug Blackburn

Samsung PN51D550
51-inch Entry-Level 1080p 3-D Plasma HDTV
By Mike Marks

On Screen With Greg Passmore, PassmoreLab
By Gary Reber

3D–What Should Consumers Know?
By Joe Kane

Digital Revolution: Did We Miss A Step?
By Amir Majidimehr