Widescreen Review Issue 010 - Aladdin (August/September 1994)

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Widescreen Review Issue 010 - Aladdin (August/September 1994)

New Equipment:
 - Coming Soon To Retailer Near You...

Your Home Theatre:
 - Dale Cripps' Top Down Marketing The Means To HDTV Success
 - Russ Herschelmann's A Theatre In Your Home Part 2 

Making Movies:
 - Joe Kane's Whats New In Video Projectors?
 - Gary Reber's Sound Wars At The Theatre Near You Round 7

On Screen:
 - Michael Fidler And Martin Greenwald: A Conversation With Two Leaders At The Forefront Of Laserdisc's Future

Plus: Editors Couch, Reader's Letters, Digital Sound Filmography, Widescreen Laserdiscography, and 50 LaserDisc Reviews