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Widescreen Review Issue 096 - Elektra (May 2005)

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Widescreen Review Issue 096 - Elektra (May 2005)

New Equipment
- Coming Soon To A Retailer Near You By Danny Richelieu
- CES Report 2005 Part II By Mike Marks, Danny Richelieu

Equipment Reviews
- Sharp XV-Z2000 DLP™ Video Projector By Greg Rogers
- Myryad MXD7000 & MXA7150 Preamplifier Processor & Power Amplifier By Danny Richelieu
- Sony QUALIA 006 SXRD™ 70-Inch HDTV By Mike Marks
- Eggleston Works Fontaine II Loudspeaker System By John Kotches

Insider Industry View
- The Old Switcheroo By Paul Sweeting

Your Home Theatre
- Blu-ray Disc Format Continues To Attract Support By Gary Reber