Widescreen Review Issue 080 - S.W.A.T. (January 2004)

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Widescreen Review Issue 080 - S.W.A.T. (January 2004)

New Equipment
- Coming Soon...To A Retailer Near You By Perry Sun

Equipment Reviews
- Vidikron Vision Model 20 DLP™ Projector By Terry Paullin
- Marantz SR9300 Receiver By John Kotches
- JVC DLA-HX1U D-ILA® 16:9 Projector By Bill Cushman
- Mirage Omni Series Surround Sound System By John Kotches
- Linn AV 5125 Multichannel Power Amplifier By Perry Sun
- Arcam AV8 Preamp/Processor & DV27A DVD Player By Peter Moncrieff

Science Of Imaging
- Digital Video Essentials: Questions & Answers By Joe Kane

Insider Industry View
- The Broadcast Flag Ruling By Paul Sweeting

Your Home Theatre
- The Golden Age Of Consumer Electronics By Dale Cripps
- One Installer’s Opinion By Terry Paullin