Widescreen Review Issue 079 - X2 (December 2003)

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Widescreen Review Issue 079 - X2 (December 2003)

New Equipment
- Coming Soon...To A Retailer Near You By Perry Sun

Equipment Reviews
- Marantz MV8300 D-VHS® D-Theater™ HD VCR By Mike Marks
- Goldmund Eidos 18D DVD & SA-CD Player By Perry Sun & Mike Marks
- Wisdom Audio Adrenaline Loudspeaker System By Perry Sun

On Screen
- Wisdom Audio’s President & Designer Tom Bohlender By Gary Reber
- Calibration Equipment Shootout By Jim Burns & Gary Reber

Science Of Imaging
- Digital Video Essentials NTSC DVD Review By Greg Rogers
- Digital Video Essentials Test Patterns Part III By Joe Kane

Insider Industry View
- Fear Of Piracy By Paul Sweeting

Your Home Theatre
- Apolgia Anamorphic By Jim Taylor
- Tech Insider By Perry Sun
- Fixed Pixel Display Seminar By Perry Sun
- One Installer’s Opinion By Terry Paullin