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Widescreen Review Issue 071 - Maid In Manhattan (April 2003)

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Widescreen Review Issue 071 - Maid In Manhattan (April 2003)

New Equipment
- Coming Soon... To A Retailer Near You By Perry Sun
- CES 2003: Video Report By Mike Marks

Equipment Reviews
- Sharp XV-Z10000U DLP™ Projector By Greg Rogers
- Sony Grand WEGA™ KF-60XBR800 LCD HD-Ready Rear Projector By Mike Marks

Your Home Theatre
- HD-DVD Prospects By Tom D. Milster
- Runco’s Cinema Standards Measurement System™ (CSMS™) By Gary Reber

Science Of Imaging
- HDTV Display Specifications—Part II By Joe Kane

Insider Industry View
- DVD Blues By Paul Sweeting

On Screen
- Projector Performance - On Screen With Sam Runco’s Team By Gary Reber