Widescreen Review Issue 013 - Stargate (March/April 1995)

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Widescreen Review Issue 013 - Stargate (March/April 1995)

Your Home Theatre:
 - David Richards' Display Problems And Solutions
 - Gary Reber's DVD Format Wars Part 2...
 - Cinematographers And HDTV: Opposing Views Harry Mathias And Richard A Strain, Part 3...
 - Joe Kane's Series Part 1 The Science Of Imaging And Attaining The NTSC Television Potential
 - Russ Herschelmann Part 4 The Cornerstone
 - Gary Reber's Sound Wars Round Nine

Inside Telecine:
 - Marc Wielage's Inside Telecine: Mixing Oil And Water And Film To Tape Mastering Part 1

On Screen:
 - Dale Cripps, HDTV Advocate

Plus: Editors Couch, Reader's Letters, Digital Sound Filmography, Widescreen Laserdiscography, and 70 LaserDisc Reviews