Widescreen Review Issue 132 - First Sunday (June 2008)

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Widescreen Review Issue 132 - First Sunday (June 2008)

Editor's Couch
- From The Editor’s Couch By Gary Reber

Readers' Letters
- Your Letters By WSR Staff

New Equipment
- Coming Soon To A Retailer Near You By Danny Richelieu & Tricia Spears

Equipment Reviews
- Marantz VP-11S2 1080p DLP Projector By Greg Rogers
- Russound Complement LCR7 & SUB105 On-Wall Loudspeakers & Powered Subwoofer By Gary Altunian
- Samsung BD-UP5000 DuoHD Player By Mike Marks

Your Home Theatre
- An HD Optical Disc Timeline - Our Coverage Of The Competing Formats By Danny Richelieu
- The Digital Dilemma - Preserving Today's Films For Tomorrow's Audiences By Bob Fisher
- Connecting Dots...To Serve Or Not To Serve By Amir Majidimehr

Science Of Imaging
- Deep Impact - Part I: The Technology Of 3D Cinema By Alen Koebel

Insider Industry View
- One Installer's Opinion - ...Multi-Rant By Terry Paullin