Widescreen Review Issue 055 - Rush Hour 2 (December 2001)

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Widescreen Review Issue 055 - Rush Hour 2 (December 2001)

New Equipment  
- Coming Soon... To A Retailer Near You By Shane Buettner

Equipment Reviews
- The Linn System: AV5103 Controller And Klimax 500 Solo Monoblock Amplifier By Shane Buettner
- TAG McLaren AV32R Upgradable Surround Processor By Perry Sun
- Mirage “Omnipolar™” OM-5 Loudspeaker By Gary Reber
- Marantz PV6480W 64-Inch HD Monitor By Mike Marks

Your Home Theatre
- From DVD To FMD By Adam W. Cohen
- One Installer’s Opinion By Terry Paullin
- MPEG: Digital Video Prestidigitatio Part II By Greg Rogers

On Screen
- Revisiting “The Terminator” With DVD Producer Van Ling By Michael Coate

Inside DVD
- Fact Or Rumor? By Bill Hunt

DVD Special Features Review
- Special Features Reviews By Michael Coate & Suzanne Hodges

Plus: Editors Couch, Reader's Letters, Digital Sound Filmography, LaserDisc Previews Widescreen Laserdiscography, and over 65 DVD Reviews